Regime Change

Things are going to change around here.They have to. We’ve had too many late nights, too frequent crying baby, not enough good food, and insufficient progress towards our goals. Starting now: My new priorities. 1) Spirituality. Praying morning, evening + obligatory prayer each day. Doesn’t have to be long. Does have to be focused and … Read more

Late, Late, Late

Nearly midnight. Just getting ready for bed. Baby crashed on the way home and I didn’t want to wake her – she was so tired at the end of the day. When she did wake up at first she was upset, crying, didn’t want to do anything. Then she was laughing, happy, playful and naked. … Read more

The practical value of fun

Today we had fun. It was a conscious decision: yesterday was house-cleaning and grocery day, and we wanted at least one family day this weekend. Fun today meant: Pancake breakfast Playing with baby Family nap! And reading (finishing Bossypants) Family bike ride! It was a bit cold so we stopped at the library and hung … Read more