Sleepy day

Baby up at 5:30. Really?? Though I realize that for most parents, and anyone fasting, that’s no big deal. She kept going until around 12:30 when my husband got home and I handed over responsibility. We cuddled and played a lot in bed, did some important work (laundry, unloading the dishwasher), and played with blocks and other things. Truly, deeply delightful.

She then went on a bike ride with dada and returned asleep. We transferred her sweetness to the bed. She woke up an hour later, but nursed back to sleep and I joined her for an hour. Delightful!

This evening we all went out to a downtown event for International Women’s Day. Saw many people, baby enjoyed new faces, kids and music.

Kind of nice to be a bit sick every now and then. Reality takes on hyper-real overtones.

so, I should get to bed too. Good night all.

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