Walking into a dark bedroom where a little mop-topped toddler is sitting up, rubbing her eyes, and asking quietly and clearly for “mama.”
Said baby rolling over after nursing to rest her head on my heart, arms wrapped around my sides while I stroke her hair.

Whoever said that being a parent doesn’t bring happiness has missed out. Of course, there is also frustration, exhaustion, and repetition of some tasks which wears out anyone spending long stretches with a child. That’s simply the work we do because we love these creatures and are responsible for them.

That being said, I’m also grateful to have a family and spouse who support me in parenting and do so much to help care for our girl.

The exhaustion part is the reason this post, though written (kind of) on Feb. 4, will go up on Feb. 5. I crashed in bed after putting baby to sleep, some time before 9. Then woke up after midnight. Now I get to blog (and possibly surf the internet!) after a multi-hour nap. Sleeping with my baby, and getting rest so early in the evening, feels great.

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