Half-way there

Today marks the start of the second half of this blogging project. In other words: I have just blogged daily for 6 months* and plan to continue until summer. EEEK!
I started the project somewhat impulsively. I had a sudden idea that inspired me, I planned it out, got super excited, then gave up (too hard, been done before, how on earth would I manage to WRITE DAILY??). And then a week or so later, inspired by a Facebook post describing how the likelihood of achievement was inversely proportional to the amount of time spent talking about the project (Oh, the benefits and joys of FB! And thanks to AM for the post. And in this world of technology, fascinating to see the serendipitous interconnections that move each of us forward on our paths), I simply began. Sat down, opened a new blog, and started writing. Did it. And persisted, day after day.

Mainly, I’m fascinated by how instantaneously something became a habit and commitment. I might miss other obligations, or put off starting other amazing and important projects, but I was blogging daily and I wasn’t going to stop. Maybe I really needed an outlet. Maybe I craved the creativity of the written word.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next 6 months. I think they hold a lot of change, growth and creativity and I’m curious to watch them unfold.

And for now: TGIT (Thursday, oh how I love my 4-day work-weeks!). I managed to wrap up a lot of work this week after all, but still have lots more to focus on in the next few.

*Okay, there was the one day when, exhausted, I composed a one-line post and asked my husband to put it up for me (he couldn’t logon – didn’t work – so 6 months minus one day?? Though I did COMPOSE a post …). And a few days of WordPress login difficulties. But even those days, I wrote posts and simply put them online later. So basically, I have written/composed daily for 6 months.

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