Parenting genius

The other day my daughter was a bit grumpy because she dropped her straw in the potty and I insisted we had to throw it out (they may be low, but I have standards). Potty took so long that I forgot the warming peanut butter toast in the toaster oven – oops! Too hot, and … Read more

Best Smoothie Ever

’tis the season for blending up yummy drinks at home. We had this for breakfast the other day and baby and I devoured it! Husband isn’t as much of a fan of nutty drinks. Oh well, more for us! Frozen bananas Yogurt (the thick kind!) Ripe avocado Hemp Almond milk Coconut milk Peanut butter Yum! … Read more

Regime Change

Things are going to change around here.They have to. We’ve had too many late nights, too frequent crying baby, not enough good food, and insufficient progress towards our goals. Starting now: My new priorities. 1) Spirituality. Praying morning, evening + obligatory prayer each day. Doesn’t have to be long. Does have to be focused and … Read more

Why I H*** Broccoli

I really don’t like broccoli. At all. I actively avoid buying it as a vegetable for our family. There’s really only one reason why: it takes absolutely FOREVER to cut it up. The thing is, I really don’t like the tough skin on the stalk. No matter how much you cook it, it’s still this … Read more

Monday recap

Today: pretty good. Baby woke up just before the alarm went off. Lots of nursing and potty. With husband’s help, we were fed and out of the house before 8. Baby drop-off: seamless. Arriving at work: parked in a nearer lot, and time to login to computer and get to presentation early. Presentation: went well. … Read more

Food Cravings

I’ve always had dreams about food. I remember one particularly horrible dream when I was a teenager, eating chocolate and chicken-flavoured chocolate chips. And often, when my body seems to be low on energy, I’ll dream about salmon or something sugary. But since getting pregnant the cravings have been increasingly vivid and frequent. Last night … Read more