Food Cravings

I’ve always had dreams about food. I remember one particularly horrible dream when I was a teenager, eating chocolate and chicken-flavoured chocolate chips. And often, when my body seems to be low on energy, I’ll dream about salmon or something sugary. But since getting pregnant the cravings have been increasingly vivid and frequent.
Last night it was pizza. I was in a restaurant and was shown samples of the two pizzas I could order: one savoury, one sweet, both with a wonderfully curly salad on top. Mm, the tomato, cheezy, vegetably goodness! And definitely better in the dream than the pizza we attempted to make earlier in the day.

Two nights before it was refried beans. Proper Mexican-American pinky runny refried beans on a plate with some enchiladas. Dripping in sauce, cheezy, warm and hot, and of course, corn tortillas. Wow … I don’t know how much more of this my stomach can take.

And sushi. That’s another one that’s popped by. And salmon, of course. Speaking of which, I think I’ll put a salmon patty on for dinner.

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