Typical Evening

Today was a typical evening of late. Left work around 5:15, later than I wanted, after rushing through a few final emails and printing off some documents to review tonight for a presentation tomorrow. Forget the documents on the printer. Read my latest book while walking to the car (The Know-it-all by A.J. Jacobs). Have … Read more

Endless Summer Nights

I used to love Richard Marx when I was in high school … so poetic, romantic, great melodies … aaah. Those endless summer nights he wrote about sounded so warm, romantic and dreamy, alone with a loved one, the evening stretching out for hours and hours …. Essentially, that’s exactly what I’m getting to enjoy … Read more

Magical Evening Alone

What would you do if you had an entire evening to yourself? For some of you, this is not simply an elaborate fantasy: this is something you are lucky enough to choose on a regular basis! For others, this is something you try desperately to escape whenever possible. For another group, however, an evening to … Read more

And again

Yes, it’s 11:30. Though I did, apparently, get a bit of a nap once baby finally fell asleep. Since 10:30 I have been: consulting with my husband; sending an important email concerning my volunteer obligations; wandering around trying to figure out what to do; snacking on corn chips and salsa; lamenting the fact that I … Read more