Typical Evening

Today was a typical evening of late.
Left work around 5:15, later than I wanted, after rushing through a few final emails and printing off some documents to review tonight for a presentation tomorrow.

Forget the documents on the printer.

Read my latest book while walking to the car (The Know-it-all by A.J. Jacobs). Have friendly conversation with someone about how I’m always walking and reading, or how good my book must be.

Arrive home to a baby who yells, “Mama is here! I’ve been waiting for you, Mama!”

Approx. 1 hour of “um-nums read” (reading her stories while she nurses).

Dinner. Baby eats a bit. Husband helps a lot.

Unexpected entry in the evening: shower while husband watches baby! Sheer delight.

Work on computer – prep for meeting tomorrow. Husband bathes baby (bliss! She actually sits down in the tub for him. And tonight: soap on her hair! Unprecedented).

Awesome fun baby time: she wanted me to dry her hair. We wrapped her hair in various towels (so adorable! Very Ten Commandments), she looked at herself in the mirror and we all enjoy how sweet she is.

Head to bed with baby. Nurse, bottle, cuddle.

Back out of bed. We are now in the kitchen. Baby ate a “bean bowl”. She is drawing pictures of turtles with husband. I am blogging. I may try and do more work, or else engage with baby/husband. Bedtime promises to be later than we’d like. Baby continues to be awesomely tiring and sweet.

Endless Summer Nights

I used to love Richard Marx when I was in high school … so poetic, romantic, great melodies … aaah. Those endless summer nights he wrote about sounded so warm, romantic and dreamy, alone with a loved one, the evening stretching out for hours and hours ….
Essentially, that’s exactly what I’m getting to enjoy lately with a loved one! My daughter, that is. The lengthening days seem to have activated some type of biorhythmic magic in her and she seems incapable of getting to sleep much before 10. Or 11. Or midnight!! Yes, friends, you read that right.

We haven’t changed what we’re doing. We’re still a little bit lax about our routines, but we generally get home 6ish, eat by 7ish, bathe by 7:30/8ish and get her into bed. It used to work. Now it doesn’t. She will bathe (sometimes), nurse, fall asleep, crawl under the covers, nestle in … and after a brief pause to fool us into the illusion that we’ve succeeded, she will bounce up with a huge mischief grin on her face, or yell out “Mama?!”, or start kicking, or something else to let us know that the dream will not be happening tonight.

We try keeping the lights low after that, but to no avail. She will not sleep. The brief rest has given her supernatural powers. After a couple of hours of intense activity, we might try again, and we might succeed or not, but an early bedtime is not to be.

We haven’t yet figured out what else we might try. We still are not sleep trainers. Husband says more firmness and consistency are required. I hear that, I think maybe in some ways, but still, I don’t know. All I know is, without my evenings life feels way too busy and stressful and things I need to get done don’t get done. I also know that she is incredibly cute and sweet and wonderful, and I do kind of love these extra hours with her. Until I crash from exhaustion, that is.

Magical Evening Alone

What would you do if you had an entire evening to yourself?
For some of you, this is not simply an elaborate fantasy: this is something you are lucky enough to choose on a regular basis! For others, this is something you try desperately to escape whenever possible.

For another group, however, an evening to oneself is a rare, elusive and dreamy thing. Hello, fellow mothers out there!!

It has been a loooong week. Baby fell asleep on our way home, at her bedtime. Perfect! and then, she did not transition into sleep in bed. She woke up full of more energy than is possible after a 10 minute (!) nap. Can someone please study this child and solve the energy crisis?

Husband is rescuing me (and baby, probably) from a mother melt-down and took over. They are currently out on a walk. I don’t know how long they’ll be gone for, but I am declaring this an evening alone. This is what I’m doing with my time. What would you do?

Shower!! Something I do not have enough time for lately. Plus, when I can clean myself lately, it’s often a lukewarm bath with baby as a way to entice her into the tub. Not the same as a hot shower, and not effective at all for my hair.

Picked my outfits for the week. It’s fast, it’s a little bit fun, I didn’t have time to do it last weekend, and it’s one less thing to think about over Sat/Sun.

Clean up. Yes, it’s true. My husband would encourage me not to, yet I can’t relax in a messy home. Oh fine, call me on that: I choose not to relax in a messy home because when I look at mess, I feel both stress caused by guilt and too many stimuli, and excitement (I love to make things neat and tidy!). Plus, cleaning with baby around is not easy. I gathered and put in a load of laundry to wash tomorrow; put away some dishes; did assorted tidying and recycling. I did NOT clean the sink/toilet or empty the dishwasher, though I was sorely tempted. People, you have to prioritize sometimes!

Make food. I’ve realized that, though I’m not an exceptional cook, I love to make food for myself. Sometimes for others, too. It’s one of the pleasures of being home and having some time to myself: whipping up something tasty to eat. I toasted some squash seeds we’ve had around, and have a batch of rice pudding cooking. Plus, of course, tea.

Blogging. You may have noticed a few days’ absence. That’s because I have noooooooooo time to myself to blog!! And if I’m not blogging, my mental list of blog topics and titles and issues I need to talk with someone about (even if it’s a one-way conversation) builds up too quickly. Blogging lets me get some perspective on life and connect in some small way with others.

So, what awaits after blogging? Still TBD. In my dream world, I’ll eat rice pudding, mend socks and watch tv. In reality, I also might do that. I’m resisting doing some computer work because, though there is a lot to catch up on, I’ve been a bit at the end of my mothering and being rope lately and that probably isn’t the healthiest choice.

I would love to hear what you would do with an evening to yourself!

And again

Yes, it’s 11:30. Though I did, apparently, get a bit of a nap once baby finally fell asleep. Since 10:30 I have been: consulting with my husband; sending an important email concerning my volunteer obligations; wandering around trying to figure out what to do; snacking on corn chips and salsa; lamenting the fact that I haven’t had time to make kale chips yet, though husband did help me rinse and partially prepare the kale.
Tomorrow, then the weekend: things of delight!

In other news, we will be attempting to significantly downsize in the next few weeks in order to move into our basement and get some work done on the main floor of the house. Very exciting, interesting to realize that I will be living my dream of living in approx. 800 square feet. It actually is starting to feel theoretically tight, and soon will be practically quite tight. But: downsizing is on the way. Anyone interested in telling me what to get rid of, please do!