And again

Yes, it’s 11:30. Though I did, apparently, get a bit of a nap once baby finally fell asleep. Since 10:30 I have been: consulting with my husband; sending an important email concerning my volunteer obligations; wandering around trying to figure out what to do; snacking on corn chips and salsa; lamenting the fact that I haven’t had time to make kale chips yet, though husband did help me rinse and partially prepare the kale.
Tomorrow, then the weekend: things of delight!

In other news, we will be attempting to significantly downsize in the next few weeks in order to move into our basement and get some work done on the main floor of the house. Very exciting, interesting to realize that I will be living my dream of living in approx. 800 square feet. It actually is starting to feel theoretically tight, and soon will be practically quite tight. But: downsizing is on the way. Anyone interested in telling me what to get rid of, please do!

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