Typical Evening

Today was a typical evening of late.
Left work around 5:15, later than I wanted, after rushing through a few final emails and printing off some documents to review tonight for a presentation tomorrow.

Forget the documents on the printer.

Read my latest book while walking to the car (The Know-it-all by A.J. Jacobs). Have friendly conversation with someone about how I’m always walking and reading, or how good my book must be.

Arrive home to a baby who yells, “Mama is here! I’ve been waiting for you, Mama!”

Approx. 1 hour of “um-nums read” (reading her stories while she nurses).

Dinner. Baby eats a bit. Husband helps a lot.

Unexpected entry in the evening: shower while husband watches baby! Sheer delight.

Work on computer – prep for meeting tomorrow. Husband bathes baby (bliss! She actually sits down in the tub for him. And tonight: soap on her hair! Unprecedented).

Awesome fun baby time: she wanted me to dry her hair. We wrapped her hair in various towels (so adorable! Very Ten Commandments), she looked at herself in the mirror and we all enjoy how sweet she is.

Head to bed with baby. Nurse, bottle, cuddle.

Back out of bed. We are now in the kitchen. Baby ate a “bean bowl”. She is drawing pictures of turtles with husband. I am blogging. I may try and do more work, or else engage with baby/husband. Bedtime promises to be later than we’d like. Baby continues to be awesomely tiring and sweet.

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