Bedtime insanity

Wow, 9:20 and crazy baby energy!
It’s been a week of late nights. I blame summer. The late sunsets hype all of us up. I lose track of time (and in any case, get home so late on weeknights), that I don’t think of starting bed until 7, 8 or later. By then, baby has her second wind. Though in all fairness, when we try earlier bedtimes, she bounces back up with renewed vigour and continues to run wildly through the house until she’s done and we’re over-done.

I really do see the benefit of early and predictable baby bedtimes. When I have a couple of hours to myself in the evening (starting at 8:30 at the latest!), life feels a lot more manageable for me. I can get done things that need doing, both paperwork/computer work, and house stuff (dishes, cooking, minor chores). Oh, and relax. And blog!!

When bed is at 10 or later, I start to lose it. Stuff doesn’t get done. Bills unpaid, course untaught and unprepared for, mail piling up, meals uncooked, massive piles of unsorted laundry. Blech. Plus the lack of time for myself – just reading, surfing, organizing, even purging – means I’m more stressed and too busy on weekends.

On the other hand, up late hyper baby is incredibly sweet. She has this new game where she shoves me forward from my pillows on the bed, straddles me from behind, and pulls me back to lean on her. She laughs hysterically as she shoves me from side to side, and I peek at her over my shoulders. Hilarious!! Then there’s running from room to room, laughing, arms waving. She’s so much fun!

And then there’s the constant “mama, mama, mama, mama!!!” This is probably the most tiring. It makes it hard to put any attention anywhere else and can be wearing. On the other hand: I am eternally grateful that my daughter wants me to play with her!

So, with that, at 9:32 with husband having persuaded daughter to let him read her stories, I’m going to sign off. I wonder if this will be a late night, or a very late night …

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