My Baby, Yet again

Real sentences, people! To her cousin: “Mitchoo, come to tabuh and eat” About her clothes: “Look new outfit A’ya!” After pronouncing her hands “dirty” when she’s been digging into her purple crayon, and I ask her “Why are your hands dirty?” “Because  put poopuh on hands A’ya!” About the bees: “Bees make honey for A’ya!” … Read more

Baby Speak

Resisting the idea of a bath last night: “Already all clean!” while swiping a hand across her chest. On passing a yellow car on the road to work this morning: “Mo yayo ‘side mama A’ya” Resisting my offer of avocado or other food: “Date! Mo Date!” Colouring in her colouring book last night: “I do … Read more

New things about baby

Amazed at the speed of change! She’s stringing words together now. “Mama dada baby OUT!” “Ya mama no dada A’ya” “Mo yayo weee (more yellow slide)” We’re doing a better job of figuring out what she means, too. She’s very strategic with her use of yes and no! Bedtime has been really variable and generally … Read more

A working mom’s lament

My sweet girl seems to be going through some separation anxiety. When I drop her off in the mornings lately, she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t want me to leave, wants to nurse, and if I make a move for the door, protests. I stay, bond, nurse and play and grandma plays, engages, distracts and … Read more