Vacation Day 1

I’ve been working hard. So has Husband. Our house was messy. We were tired. Home-made meals were thrown together at 7:00 at night once we were both home from work. It wasn’t that pretty.
Yesterday was Day 1 of my winter break. And oh – what a difference! I woke up … happy! And late – 8 a.m. Baby snuggled into me, cuddled up, was happy and laughing. We hung around the house. We grocery shopped. We cooked dinner. I cleaned and it felt like I got the house cleaner than it’s been in weeks with only a small amount of effort. And we laughed and had fun.

It’s definitely a choice to enjoy this break. I have 2.5 weeks off, which is lots of time to enjoy or stress over. Work has been overwhelming and it’s tempting to take lots home over the break, or, at least, bring home the stress of it. On reflection, I don’t think that’s the best idea. I need to recuperate and recharge so that I can sail through the next few months of tremendous demands and change. Letting go is going to help with that. I do know that I need to check email a couple of times next week for some lingering demands, and want to spend just a TINY BIT of time reflecting on some big questions I need to address when I return. These, however, will happen early in the break and then be done. I’ll enjoy the rest all the more for knowing that I’ve got some brainstorming done and waiting to be reviewed on my return.

As for day 2, so far so good. Baby’s napping now; we went to the market this morning; and importantly, husband is off for the whole weekend! It’s snowing beautifully outside, and I’m happy. I choose to be happy. And it’s good.

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