Passion vs. Attraction

I’ve been thinking about the work I do and the things I fantasize about, and how they do and don’t line up, and whether they should. I don’t think they need to.
As evidenced by what I write and read about, I am passionate about: decluttering; personal finance; how amazing my baby is; breastfeeding and natural childbirth; home organization and decorating tips; writing and planning to write; travel stories; love stories, marriage and family life; and things that make me laugh.

I’m attracted to, fascinated by and care about: social justice; human rights; social change; environmental issues; biblical and other old history; efficiency and improving work performance; gardening.

I wish I cared more about: health; fitness; municipal issues; menu planning; true eco living; spirituality (can’t believe it didn’t make the lists above! It’s an ongoing theme and I care, but I’m not reading much about it lately).

Any of this could change at any time, of course. I find the tension and guilt come in when things that I could/should be passionate about are things I simply am not, and I keep trying to push myself to make them priorities. Some need to be (GF diets in our house, feeding our daughter better) and others, I can let go (photography. I used to love doing it, though not well, but now I just can’t find the time).

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