Approximately 365

I cannot believe that I started this blogging project a year ago. Impossible!! One day I up and decided to write daily for an entire year. Well, here’s a brief overview of the experience.
What I learned:

  • I like writing and expressing myself. This was a great way to do that.
  • I can write daily (most of the time) if I choose to. It might not be elegant, but it can be done.
  • I have a lot to say about a few specific topics: how cute my baby is; how smart my baby is; trying to balance work life with home and family life; decluttering and all associated with purging one’s possessions and trying to create a streamlined life
  • I don’t have as much to say about peace as I’d like, at least explicitly. I care about it, think about it, try and embrace it and practice it, but it’s the day to day and the practical/material that absorbs me right now.
  • Though I’m very comfortable sharing some things, I’m super private about others, which definitely shapes what appears in the blog. I’m particularly sensitive about how what I write might breach others’ privacy, including that of my daughter. It’s one reason I still haven’t posted a picture of her, adorable though she is.
  • I love communicating, hearing from others and presenting ideas that resonate somehow with someone somewhere.
  • Knowing I’ll be writing frames my daily experiences in a way I enjoy, though sometimes it can be too absorbing trying to sift through the various threads of a day to produce something coherent.
  • Writing daily may improve my writing somewhat, but I suspect that writing a tiny bit less but with the time to edit and reflect would produce much better results. I often have second, third and additional mental edits to things I’ve written but simply didn’t find the time to do.
  • There are lots of great bloggers out there, and I love getting absorbed in others’ worlds.
  • I can see making writing an ongoing part of my life. I don’t know exactly how or when, and I imagine when baby is just a tiny bit older and sleeping better, we’re just that much more settled, and I have a real office space, that it might possibly maybe be a bit easier.

Where to from here? I’m still figuring it out. We have a lot of changes coming up, I have a busy work summer, and also want to get out as much as I can with baby. Posting may be sporadic over the next while, and I may take a few detours in terms of content, but I will continue writing. Your thoughts, suggestions, reflections on your own writing are welcome.

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