Classic marital miscommunication

A forgotten note from our ill-fated vacation.
Just past Nelson, along a beautiful road, I spotted a classic American castle set back on the left-hand side of the road. It was stunning, and something I haven’t seen a lot of.

“Do you see that?” husband asked? “Yes!” “Should I pull over?” “Definitely!”

He pulled into the little side road and stopped and said, “I’ll get out the camera.”

“Great!” I said, looking eagerly at the castle, trying to soak it all in. I got out and looked around to point out some angles and pictures for him. He seemed to be testing out the camera taking some random pictures in the other direction, facing back to the road. Pointing right at an older van that was also sitting on the side road with us.

Wait a minute … “Hang on – did you want to see the van?”

“Of course! It’s just what we’re looking for as a vacation vehicle.”

Looking in the same direction, seeing two entirely different things. It’s almost a fairy tale …

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