Small things that are great

A few very little things that bring undue goodness to my life. I think you could say they have happiness leverage.
Apple corer. Used it for the first time tonight, and can’t believe I never used it before! I love to make applesauce, and this magical little device – probably inherited from my grandma – will make it twice as fast.

My new silver 40th birthday earrings. Hubby got them for me on our ill-fated trip to the Kootenays, at our unplanned stop in Kaslo that extended indefinitely due to baby’s travel burnout and meltdowns. They are small, comfortable and perfect. I’ve worn them for a few weeks now, every day. They’re hoops, so my ears don’t get gunked up. Not a single person has noticed them yet, and I don’t care: they’re perfect for me.

Popcorn with butter and nutritional yeast. I ADORE corn in all its forms, and as a snack – plus the fat and the amazing taste of yeast – YUM. Hubby has gone upstairs to make me a batch (too noisy to do in the basement with baby sleeping – yes, sleeping by 9:30!) and I am very grateful.

My new purse. Did I write about this one yet? After my foray into a beautiful red leather one, I’ve reverted to a $3.50 black nylon purse from VV. It is perfect! exactly the right size to hold all the things I need with me. Just the right pockets and flaps for all my many little things. Comfy strap. Strong zippers. Sturdy fabric. Compactable. Fits into other bags without any problem. It’s easy, looks just fine, and works perfectly. I’m grateful for that lucky find every time I use it.

And rice pudding. Yum.

That’s all for tonight, but it’s enough for me. Little things can make a big difference.

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