Regime Update

We’re trying. Mornings can be a bit crazy. We basically missed a sit-down breakfast this morning because we were running out the door. But, I’ve been praying morning and evening more systematically and doing more regular/organized tooth brushing. Good!
Also focusing on baby more. Once I started paying more attention to her, things started feeling more manageable.

Food. Focusing on food! We are. We’re still not ahead of hte game with meal planning, but I am prioritizing preparing food. And we got most of the gluten foods out of the house, which will help.

Not bad, though not the fanaticism of most regime changes :).

Now for some adorable updates.

Baby counts to three (mainly two) and is really getting into the “one”. She’ll walk around saying “one” when there is one of something she wants. She’ll point, “one, one!”

I was telling her about something, saying, “Isn’t that great, or what?” “Wat!” said baby.

I do wish I could remember the other really really adorable thing she did today. But I don’t. The moments, they disappear so quickly!


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