Swinging between extremes

Last night didn’t go so well after all.
Baby’s 3rd wake-up was just before midnight when I went to bed. She was awake, and did not want to go back to sleep. There was much happy awakeness, much crying. We fed her, nursed, played, read books. The stand-off started when I wanted to lie down to nurse her, and she insisted that I sit up. I have no idea how/why that was so important to her. But by then she was too upset, nothing would work. Husband and I also could not agree on what to do, which was incredibly frustrating in the middle of the night.

Finally: got her on the breast while I was upright. Rolled into a lying position. She nursed and fell asleep. End of story.

Aside from the other wake-ups before morning, that is!

Today was completely different. She woke up happy, and stayed that way the vast majority of the day. I should add that, in the new ritual we’re developing to start our days as a family, I set an intention to be present in the moment – perhaps that helped? In any case, she played independently lots and lots. We went on a crazy fast walk to see Elmo who was going by in the parade I didn’t know about. Visited with grandparents over lunch. Had a nap, woke up happy. Went to an event at a friend’s home/church where she met new people, played and played alone and with others, had a blast. Finally home, went on a drive/outing with the husband, home to eat and play, and bed. Blissful, happy.

Everything changes. The hard days pass, the good ones are pearls to be treasured as time goes on.


  1. Allison Brewer

    yes! similar extreme swinging for me: baby up and down all night..I was exhausted to point for crying this morning and then….spontaneous dance party with the family cured all ills.

  2. Allison Brewer

    exhausted to the point of crying, i meant to say.

    • I hear you. Having a baby definitely brings out my most extreme moods, within an amazingly short time-frame. Baby crying madly because I picked up the wrong toy: incredible frustration! Baby smiles and runs over for a hug two seconds later: blissful joy!

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