Vacation Madness

We plan to head on vacation on Sunday. We are, therefore, in the midst of pre-vacation madness.
Husband and I have never left on time for a trip. Our first trip together, I think we left a day and a half after our ETD. Somehow, all the different components (car preparation and repairs; packing for every eventuality, including meditation, exercise, personal growth, reading, camping and eating) and food (snacks, groceries, on and on) take FOREVER. We want to be fully prepared. And we never are. We always forget something essential, and bring way too much, so we’re bogged down with stuff.

It’s crazy and funny and frustrating. And we’re in the middle of it.
We were just congratulating ourselves for being on top of it because husband got to work on the car stuff tonight. But: we have some computer work that needs doing together. I have to prep for the next week or two of the course I’m teaching. We have GARDENING and planting and home prep that needs doing. Plus, right: packing.

All that to say, I may not post over the next week. Tomorrow and Sunday will be mad; the trip will be a get-away; and I want to leave myself free to be.

I will post when I return, and even try to include some pictures. Stay tuned. And wishing all of you a wonderful Victoria Day weekend and week.

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