Grumpy Day

I don’t know why, but I seemed to slip into a grump today, several times, for no apparent reason. The sun was shining; my family is fine; nothing really went wrong. Still, the grumps persisted. Blah.
I wasn’t feeling super patient with my girl this morning. I didn’t really love going grocery shopping. Baby didn’t want to play with me in the park, though I’m glad she loves to be with her dad. Most of my interactions with baby involved whining and/or crying. Planting veggies was kind of tiring and not actually super fun. I didn’t get much of a chance to do the other gardening I love: pruning, planting, moving and making the yard look good.

Oh well. Baby had a long nice bath. My dad dropped by. The house is clean. Husband made a DELICIOUS dinner and is now cleaning the kitchen. I had time in the end to pick outfits for the week. Baby and I had some great, great play time, drawing and building blocks. She’s super super sweet. The weekend was fun. And I’m heading to bed.

Here’s to a brighter tomorrow, and in gratitude for not getting totally sunk by the grumps.

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