Organized Peace

NaBloPoMo, I’m trying!! Last night the problem wasn’t wordpress but our internet connection. Each time I tried to load, save or post a page I got an error message. I finally was able to write this post and email it to myself, and am posting it from work. I’ll also write a quick post for today since I may not be able to do this once I get home :(. Since I am doing the writing each day, though, I feel comfortable saying that YES, I am still blogging daily!
Last night was one of those magical nights at our house where time seemed to stand still and endless opportunities for getting things done extended our evening and simultaneously energized us.

After a day of errands, housework and time with baby (my head was much better; oh yay!) we put baby to bed and continued the flow of productivity we had started earlier. Husband wrapped up half a dozen little tasks around the house that had needed doing for a long time. I continued to move things around: recycle, shred, throw away, give away, file. The house got cleaner and cleaner as the evening progressed. We moved to the office where each of us accomplished various projects either on the computer or organizationally. Each completed project gave us more energy to do others.

By 11:30 the house was looking great. The steady elimination we’ve been doing showed its effects with less clutter. Finally completing tasks that had been planned for a while inspired me like you wouldn’t believe. I kept going and remembered even more little things that needed doing: pulling some books from my shelves for a gift, wrapping for that gift, note paper for an early morning meeting, a list of projects to tackle next … the snowball kept growing.

I finally got to bed by midnight or some time after, asleep a while later (time for nursing etc.) I went to bed with the glow that only a clean, organized, clutter-reduced house, harmony with my spouse, and a Getting Things Done streak can bestow. On me, that is … I know things like this are not universally inspiring.

For me, peace, joy and contentment can flow from the material. My space affects me; my hovering to do list drags me down. Ordered space and clearing the mental clutter are true sources of inner peace for me. Aaaah 🙂

Today, admittedly, my head was still slightly muddled and scattered, whether from lack of sleep, a too-busy day or lingering effects of this weekend’s illness it’s hard to say. But if it was from insufficient sleep, it was so worth it.

Wishing you all good rest and happy accomplishment of what needs or wants doing!

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