A year in reading: 2012 Review

Oh, books. Oh, yearly reviews. What fun things to bring together! Here’s a quick summary of my 2012 reading. Who: me. Mother to a toddler, employee, helped facilitate a renovation and a move. When: whenever a few minutes were available. I read while eating, while baby napped, while walking to and from my car at … Read more

You know you’re a reader when …

I’ve always been a reader. My dad talks about how he’d come home from work exhausted when I was a toddler and I’d run up to him with piles of books. And demand that he read them, over and over and over …. And of course there were the many reading anecdotes from childhood and … Read more

Second Literary Reference

Driving home tonight from a visit to my brother-in-law and kids who are camping for the weekend. A fun evening with swimming in the lake! Baby’s happy in the back seat, talking about what we’re doing. “Go to town. In town.” Yes, we’re going into town! “Go to town in bed.” That’s right! We’ll go … Read more

Sophisticated Humour

When I was young I liked to read comics. My favourites were Peanuts – I must have had 50 – 100, and I read them repeatedly. I think the appeal was escaping into a contained, idealized world where the seasons rolled round regularly, there was community, people played together, worked together and did identifiable fun … Read more