The Dishwasher Cycle

Mmm, clean dishes! Back into place you go, all steamy and sterile. Beautiful … shelves full, dishwasher empty. Beautifully full, beautifully empty, the promise of days of dishes to enjoy.
Oh, here’s a few dirty ones on the counter. Slide you into place … perfect! Still lots of room in here. All surfaces clean, so satisfying.

And a few more over here … let me check the office … okay, we’ve already got a few dirty ones! But still, lots of clean dishes to use, lots of empty room to fill in the dishwasher.

Mealtime, snacktime, mealtime … why is the counter such a mess? Fill, fill, fill, very satisfying. Look, the plates are stacking up so neatly, almost a whole row. The bowls, well, they never quite fit, maybe this one should go on the top shelf. Wow, the utensil slots are getting crowded. I wonder if I can fit in this mixing bowl. Okay! … not full yet. I could run it, but no. Too much water and energy.

Can you grab a few forks for the table for dinner? What? We’re running low? Okay, and some plates … none left??? Oh right, the plate stack was full. Okay, well, we can use some of the mixing bowls. And I’ll wash a fork … no, I’ll use this one from cooking.

Why didn’t you run the dishwasher last night? You did? But it’s still dirty. Yes, the delay function doesn’t work. Yes, we’ve talked about it before. Well, try using a napkin. I’ll run it … no, don’t worry about it.

Just one hour to go …

Aaah! Clean, beautiful dishes. Fresh and sterile. Lovely.

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