Stormy Weather

What is it about overcast skies that makes me so hopeful, in such a particular way?
Pushing baby on the swing in the park today, watching the trees glow in reflected light, I felt invigorated as I considered the direction my life might go. The direction is inwards, homewards, family-wards. I thought about home schooling and smiled. I reflected on our fall schedule and felt the energy surge through me. I tapped on some work activities I’ve been dreading and acknowledged with gratitude the ability to not do them. Reading, food preparation, crafts, community, learning, writing … all centered on home, and all rendered particularly magnetic and real as the clouds close in.

In the end, it barely drizzled, and the sun did break through, but the morning’s resonance leaves me excited about this new direction, glad to recognize how true it is for me if not for the world around.

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