Not a reading year

Not yet 3 weeks in, I’ve realized that this is not a reading year. Last year was a reading year. I read a lot. I escaped a lot. I imagined, roamed, learned, mentally edited, and gobbled a lot of books.
I have a strong feeling that this year is a doing year. Oh, I’ll still read, of course (hah! As if I could stop!). It’s just that, like breathing in for too long, the exhale must come. I sucked in for a year, and now need to let out all the ideas and percolating projects that last year nurtured.

Just completed my first full week of work in … years. 5 days of classes to help me start my new business. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the work involved, but more thrilled by the freedom and fun of creating WHATEVER I WANT. Whatever products, policies, educational topics, approaches, audiences … it’s all up to me. (Admittedly, marketing week is next week, and I think that’s when the reality of who wants to pay for what will come in … but for now, it’s really all wide open).

And as for the rest of life: baby fell asleep at 5:30 on the way home and is STILL sleeping. I’ve been working like a … like a self-employed worker, and now need to stop after a week of constant goingness.

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