why I shouldn’t blog anymore

Today I started my self-employment course. It is going to be wonderfully exciting. Custom designing my own business! What could be more fun?
We talked about the importance of online reputation (not new information), and I realized with a sigh that what I put up on facebook is going to be connected with my business. I don’t know how blogging about my baby or about career angst is going to further said career. So I’m not sure right now if blogging is a good idea (particularly my current stream of consciousness process). I might need to stop until I can come up with a much more coordinated, focused, well-written blogging approach.

with that: I did my homework, packed my lunch, now to relax before bed.


  1. Allison Brewer

    NO! I was loving your come back!! Oh welll…one suggestion – lose facebook and keep the blog!! Would say more but child pulling on arm!!!

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