Showing your mess

I like a clean house. I like it for myself and my child. I like it for guests. If someone’s coming over, I WILL clean up (maybe not hugely, but at least a bit). It’s not so much about being judged as it is liking to welcome people into a clean, attractive space.
Leaving aside how far our space is from meeting the “clean” and “attractive” requirements, I’m making choices that force me to let go of my “clean for company” habits.

I was out with a friend last night when I got a text – my presence was required at home for a tired girl. I had to run out of the restaurant before our appetizers arrived. She offered to drop off my half. When husband went down to get them (I was trying to get baby to sleep), I had him invite her up … and she came … and was in our very, very messy condo.

And look! I’m still alive! And we had a nice, if brief, visit, and I got to enjoy my pachos & edamame with her company!

The end.

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