Personal Renewal

I’m in the middle of a mid-winter, life-is-changing, condo-is-a-mess, I’ve-been-unemployed-for-over-6-months revitalization binge. One thing that absolutely must happen as part of this process is a personal makeover.
Fear not: this does not mean that I will start wearing make-up! Or even heels. However, it’s time for a clean-out, clean-up and freshen-up.

For the past week, I’ve been pulling things out of my closet for a big give-away box. Begone, ugly refashioned shirt! So long, too short sweater! Happy trails, yucky socks!

My post-chuck wardrobe doesn’t qualify as capsule yet, but it’s much closer. All the new space is very mentally freeing, though it’s making me question the quality of even the clothing I thought I liked. A friend is bringing over a box of items to share tomorrow, which may fill in some gaps, and I wrote out a shopping list this evening.

Our girl has been growing, so we spent a good part of our day going through her wardrobe too. She tried on a good portion of her clothes, posing in front of the mirror and showing me the results. Her verdict on most items: keep! Though I was able to talk her into letting go of some that were really too small. Her comment when she wasn’t ready to part with a piece: “I love it too much!”

Further steps this week include a couple shopping outings and a haircut; then the weekend is preparation for a new, big step in my life starting on Monday. Stay tuned.

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