Pre-Travel Angst

I can’t avoid it. WHY???
We head on vacation tomorrow. Yay!!! Vancouver, then San Francisco. Totally spontaneous, one of the major benefits of my unemployment + airmiles.

And we thought we were on top of things. Totally! We were wrapping stuff up. We wouldn’t over-do it. We were almost packed. We would have all day Tuesday to clean the house and get to bed on time.

Yeah right. It’s after midnight and I’m still on the computer.

Why oh why do I need to cram so many tasks into pre-departure??? This time it was writing, getting witnesses on, and copying 4 end of life documents for me and my husband. No, not a lawyer – no money for that now, but these will hold the fort until we can get a lawyer to review them. I’ve looked at enough stuff online to feel comfortable with what we wrote.

And also a huge pile of work/ moving his things/ financial wrap-up for husband.

For me, a bunch of work-search related items, plus writing. As in, sent off my first writing inquiry tonight, including writing a bio about myself. Because it cannot wait!! And getting a new cell phone and transferring numbers over. And getting a new quote for house insurance. And I still have one more bag to pack. The shirt I was sewing? Didn’t happen.

Really, I don’t know if the madness can be overcome. Because honestly, it feels really really good to be heading on vacation with piles of loose ends wrapped up.

But the flip side is heading on vacation – which starts with an early morning 5-hour drive – exhausted. Not not good. Plus the stress I feel in the build-up days. I was unduly irritable at Alya several times today. I got over it. I did. But I experienced it. The “I can’t handle it” frustration of her not going to bed so I could finish my massive list. So … I slowed down and started making food with her. We peeled fava beans and ate them while she made a “house” with husband. And now she’s asleep.

And I’m going to bed. Thanks for listening. I’m calm now, and can’t wait to go on vay-cay-shun!

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