Change and Nesting

Baby seems to be picking up on the big transition we’re going through with our move. She’s had some ridiculously late nights. She really, really doesn’t want to leave the house most weekends. And she wants her parents around more than we’re able to do.
She woke up the other night with a repeated cry of “I want my dada.” I said he would be there soon (he was in the other room), and she got quite upset: “I want my dada NOW, mama!”, nearly in tears. Sweet sweet baby …

As we attempted to bundle her into the car yesterday we had to interrupt her walk down the alley. She kept on trying to move forward, telling us she wanted to go for a walk with mama and dada. When we got home at 7:30 last night, that was still all she wanted so we took off on a 1.5 hour walk around the neighbourhood. Family together, running, holding her “sheepy baby” to her chest … she was happy.

I can’t wait until we’re moved, settled and into new routines with more time. She needs it, and so do we.

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