Why nursing rocks: A toddler’s perspective

As I was nursing baby the other day, I commented to her on how much she is wanting to nurse lately. She is on and off of my breasts a LOT. One of her new favourite things is “two ope” (two open – i.e., both breasts out and uncovered). She loves to be able to see them and switch back and forth as her taste buds guide her.
Anyways, I was talking with baby about her love of nursing and asked her, “do you love it because you’re close to your mama?”
“Mm hmm!” she answered, still nursing away.
Then she popped off my breast and added, “Fun too! Play too!” and went back to it.

So, according to this toddler, nursing is great for bonding with your parent and having fun and play-time. That’s really encouraging for me as it makes me feel a bit better about the time I do spend with her. Nursing is lots of great things, including bonding and play.

And play we do. She likes to rub her hand over my skin, then smack me like a drum. Then try to hit (but I stop that :)). Then play hide and seek. Then I’ll tickle her or run my fingers up her legs, and she’ll smile. All kinds of fun!

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