Counting to 4 … or 9?!

When baby had her morning bottle today, the nipple collapsed and she was covered with milk. So unpleasant!! So she and I got in a lovely morning bath together. Splashing, playing, nursing, the usual. One of our games had me pouring little cups of water into another container. I counted them, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 …”
“Eight! Nine!” baby added.

WHAT?! My baby knows how to count up to 9?? I told my husband about it later ,and sure enough, she followed the story and showed that yes, she knows the numbers.
“What comes after 7, baby?”
What comes after 8?

Her vocabulary growth is becoming astounding (for us, as parents :)). Today she climbed up to the table, looked at a jar of coins there, and said “money.” Pretty much any word we say, she repeats. it’s getting exciting around here!


  1. Yay fast-mapping!! My absolute favorite human ability… well, that and loving.

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