Another weekend gone

Over 300 posts, and just over a month until the 1-year mark of doing this blog. Wow indeed! I must say, my motivation for writing is low. Probably because time feels seriously compressed, energy is low, and other priorities loom larger.
The weekend is gone. How? Lots of house cleaning and chores. Lots of time playing with and cuddling baby. Some good time with friends.

I somewhat am not excited about the week ahead. I start the week with a presentation first thing tomorrow. I hope things start well and go well!

Getting baby up tomorrow also might be a struggle. But maybe not! Here’s to some positive thinking.

Still lots I’d love to do tonight. there are about 4 different documents I’m working on related to family organization/goals (wills; travel packing list; budget sheet; wardrobe list; phone list). However, at this point I am going to call it quits. Baby’s asleep. Husband is trying to sleep. I need to join them.

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