Update on Shopping

So, I’ve been shopping. And I’m okay with it. I find shopping a kind of fascinating topic, so here are my current thoughts on it.1. Shopping is addictive. Definitely. Now that I’ve been going to VV most Thursdays, I get an itch on Thursday afternoons to head out there. Good to be aware of – the more I do it, the more I want to.
2. Second hand shopping is the way to go. I’ve been wanting a few pairs of shoes: a casual sneaker pair, something else for work and some slippers. I bought all 3 pairs (including a gorgeous amazingly comfy pair of brown leather loafers) for just under $20. They are all in amazing condition – barely used, if at all. Though I am not swearing off new goods, I am now fully committed to used in almost all cases, particularly given our current financial priorities.
3. Second hand shopping is dangerous. Especially in a big, well-stocked and diverse store. First, it can take TIME if you scour each section. Then it is so easy to start wanting, more and more and more. I did well today, though, buying almost exclusively from the (admittedly mental) list I had of what we want/need right now.
4. Renewing one’s things through shopping can feel invigorating. Not everything, not necessarily frequently, but often enough that you can add interest to the physical environment in which you live and function.

Fortunately, on this trip I did buy virtually everything we current want/need for myself, home and baby. Though I likely will be tempted to shop more, I may be able to stop myself because we have no gaps in our needs. And bringing these things home, I’m more interested than ever in getting rid of stuff, particularly stuff I don’t use or really like. I’ve been getting clothes I actually want to wear, and it puts in sharp contrast the clothes I don’t. Solution? Chuck the don’t wears. And stop shopping, because really, I’m at “enough” right now.

Frankly, though, I imagine I’ll be tempted to shop again tomorrow. That’s right. Because I’m still looking for something for my sister’s birthday, and I have not had time or success to date. Sigh!! There always is something else to get.

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