Crock Pot Revelations

It’s 2:16 a.m. and I’m blogging. Hmmm.
Today baby and I got home at around the usual time – about 6 p.m. As is typical of late, she did not want to come inside but insisted on doing some work outside. “Dig dig dig!!” and puttering between the different beds, the plants she helped Dada plant yesterday, her rock collection (which includes dada, mama, baby, neen, wawa and nana), and bringing me along to watch and help retrieve fallen rocks. I did manage to make more of a dent in the dandelions, which was rewarding.

Husband got home around 6:30 so I was able to go inside; they followed a bit later after I had unpacked the bags. Dinner was fortunately ready: an edible crockpot creation that we put together last night. Baby loved the carrots though not much else.

Finally, bath and bed and I crashed with her around 9. Waking up at 1, with quite a bit of energy, I did some clean-up in the kitchen and had my revelation: If we are going to eat dinner on weeknights, we need to make it the night before or eat pasta. That’s it. Husband is working more and later and while he’s been great about making dinner over the past few months, that won’t be as feasible now. I get home by 6 or later, and baby will need outside time which requires me to be there with her. Any dinner worth eating will take at least 30 minutes to prepare – probably 45 or longer. Any bigger dishes will take hours.

I am therefore now a full fan of the crock pot. I put together a squash-quinoa thingie to cook up for tomorrow. We’ll add the coconut milk in the morning and leave to simmer. I’m inspired also by the idea of freezer crock pot meals: put together bags with all the ingredients, then just thaw and serve.

I’m hoping that these ideas get us out of our meal planning inertia (i.e., not meal planning, therefore not eating as well as we could). Plus, time and less stress – both possible valued outcomes!



  1. mamaandbabylove

    Thanks so much for linking back! My ecookbook comes out tomorrow, hope you enjoy it! And love your blog! Right up my alley. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting and congratulations on your cookbook! I’m excited to get more into crock potting, and looking forward to eating better!

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