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Life has a mysterious way of filling up.
Last night, after blogging, I continued to rush around. Both husband and I spent the whole evening, until after 11, cleaning, organizing, purging, preparing for the following day. And guess what? There’s still a lot to do today too!

Baby woke up at 11, then 1, and she did not want to go back to sleep. She was kicking me, crying, and asking to go out into the main room and was up for at least an hour. She kept asking to nurse then was upset when I didn’t have any milk. I was very very grumpy about the whole thing, and discussing today with husband, we both believe she picked up on my extreme negativity. I was exhausted, I was not showing understanding of where she was coming from, I was not treating her lovingly, and she was upset as a result. This morning, and last night too, I apologized to her for my lack of patience. She is just a baby; why do I get so upset when she needs attention?

This morning, though, was quite dream-like. Baby was up by 6:30, and with husband’s help, I had a full shower and we were on our way by 7:30. Amazing!!! Baby had a great time playing in the morning and I didn’t have to run all over the house to see where she was: both very time-saving. Work was a bit mad (this whole week is, really) but positive and productive. Not bad baby pick-up after work; yummy supper; long but happy bedtime. And now it’s late again and I’m going to bed as I have an early start and important meetings tomorrow.

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