Oh, the glories of shopping!

Yes, I’m shopping AND checking Facebook. Just enough to keep me happy, not too much to drive me crazy.
After moving into the basement, we noted a few things we needed to fill in the gaps so headed out this morning to get them. One stop at Jysk yielded some baskets and odds and ends. Then to our shopping mecca: Value Village.

The whole family loves VV. We find clothes, shoes, books, toys, kitchen supplies and games. There’s a wide variety of goods, most in really great shape, for really really low prices. Yes, we can overdo it, but in general we keep it under control.

Baby has a great time. Really. She plays with toys, telling me which ones she wants or doesn’t. She runs down aisles and through the clothes. She looks at herself in the mirror, talking to her reflection. She plays with the books, taking them down and spreading them all over. She particularly likes “baby” books (booh): little books, generally for adults! And going in the change room with mom or dad – and in and out, crawling under the door – is a blast.

We spent $87 today on toys, house supplies and some clothes. This doesn’t include the $5.99 shirt my husband accidentally wore out of the store without paying for. He remembered when we were about a block from the store, but baby was tired/busy/ready to nurse, so we kept going. I plan to take the tag back with me on my next trip to cover it.

We ate at Latin Fiesta. Can I say: OOOH I love Mexican food! This was delicious, hot, super super super yummy. They serve Mexican and Salvadorean dishes. If you like beans, cheese and all that other goodness, go.

Soccer game for a niece, gardening at home, visit with friend, visit with neighbour, nursing and baby bed by 6. We did a bit more settling in after that, and are about to snack and possibly watch something on Netflix, volume permitting.

This coming week will be very busy with a lot of key meetings and a workshop – so I look forward to staying on top of things, and getting to next weekend in good spirits.

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