Favourite Sounds

My husband’s feet running up the stairs to our house.
My baby glugging back breastmilk.

A friend’s voice on the phone.

Cellos, double basses and other strings.

Creeks, rivers and babbling brooks.


I’m sure there are more, but these are top of my list.


In other news: I love this picture. The jaunty menswear-cool hat! The warm, simple, classic coat! Especially the wrist decor: what a great combination of bracelets and watch. Add the bag, ring and camera, and I think this outfit rocks.

I’m feeling kind of into clothes lately, especially with the warmer weather, which likely means I’ll be shopping (though sparingly) again soon. I actually had FUN putting together an outfit earlier this week when what I’d planned ahead of time wasn’t ready (oh ironing – sorry I never get to you!). Red boots, dark blue leggings, royal blue stretchy skirt, green v-neck T-shirt, purple wool cardigan. Added the necklace my husband bought me for a date this past summer, and I loved it! The skirt was a special treat – I bought it last year and liked it but it was too long. What to do? Well, I had the brilliant idea to roll the waistband over more (it’s one of those with the folding stretchy waist – you know), and magically, the skirt got shorter! And I also realized that I’ve been wearing it longer than it’s supposed to be, since this new, higher waist reflects the ACTUAL waistband. Oh, I am a slow learner sometimes.

Well, back to work for me.

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