Acceptance Challenge: (Not) Leaving the house

On this beautiful, sunny spring day, I finally managed to get myself and my daughter outside the house! At 4:30 p.m.!
I’m continually amazed at how hard I find it to get out of the house lately. This morning is a classic example. I woke up, ready to get out of the house early. Baby was up before 7. Books, breakfast, laundry and indoor play took a couple of hours. I was gearing up to head outside with her when she wanted to nurse a bit before 10. Before you know it, she’s asleep, though it was a micro-nap.

Then: time for a snack! I”m hungry, too! One hourish later: she doesn’t want to get dressed or go outside, so she says. By 12:30, with husband’s help, we’re in the front yard with the stroller, relaxing a bit before going on a walk. Sure enough, by 12:45 she wants to nurse. We head inside and I realize she’s going to nap for real. Asleep by 1 – and I join her. Napping is one of my priority projects this weekend!

Awake by 2:45. Books. Food prep. Snack. Playing. Time with husband.

Finally leave by 4:30 for a super-fun outing: groceries!!! We played in the yard after we got back, and were joined by her cousins.

So, it took forever to leave the house today. Oh well. I’ll keep trying. Tomorrow’s another day. Sigh.

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