New Shape Obsession

My girl’s first and favourite shape is the “owal.” She learned this word a few weeks ago, along with the shape, with one of those “stick the shape through the hole in the box” games. Since then she’s begun to spot the shape everywhere, and ask for “more, more, MORE OVALS!”
This morning she was sitting on my lap in bed, facing me, while we were reading stories. I had the book cover towards her, when she pointed to a spot on the cover, calling out “Owal!” Sure enough, the “o” on the cover was stylized like an oval. Good spot, baby!

A minute later, I yawned. A big, open, up and down yawn. Baby pointed to my mouth: “Owal!”

Is it just me, or is she a gifted oval-spotter?

After her nap, she woke up and started playing with my book – front, back, inside and out. And sure enough, front cover was COVERED in ovals! Not enough for the Oval Queen, though. We looked through Google Images to find more ovals, and I’m in search of a Sesame Street segment on ovals (surely they’ve done one just on ovals after all these years???)

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