Clearing Out

Things, commitments, worries, lists, links, emails, projects. They can inspire, stress, depress, transform, consume.
Right now, I’m feeling pretty good about my life. I’m also feeling lots of little threads tying me down and making it hard to fly. Perhaps it’s appropriate I’m thinking about this on day 4 of the fast – a chance to take advantage of the spiritual energies of this time to reflect on my choices, my life, my priorities. I still think I’m approaching all of this in a too materialistic manner, but I’m going to do my best to focus on the higher dimension to my choices, and recognize the interplay between the material and spiritual.

Last night, after a wonderful weekend with family, I settled in at 9:30 to do stuff. I bustled around for almost 2 hours tackling projects on my computer, cleaning up, putting away, and clearing out. Aaah.

My plan to respond to email when it arrives is going well. I still need to clear old emails. So let me I started to link here to a fun email that I hope one day to use: a suggested list of top movies to watch. And when I went to find the actual link, I realized that I somehow hadn’t included it. A super-useful summary of top movies for the past year, a year I’ve been out of the loop so much, that would have been super helpful when I wanted to look for a great way to spend some waste of time. Yes, while in the process of writing this blog post the sprites have had their fun with me. I wanted to link to something materialistic, they said, we won’t let you! And in fact, we’ll let you know that you could/should have 1) not bothered sending yourself that link in the first place, and/or 2) dealt with it right away so the unread message would not have been sitting in your inbox for almost a month, taunting you and stressing you out as the list of undealt-with items grew and grew.

So, no, I do not have a link to a list of movies. I do have one fewer items in my email inbox, a plan to deal with a series of 4 that I can tackle shortly, and the motivation to keep this up.

The spiritual twist: I have no idea. None at all. But, I hope to find it.

Peace to all!


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