Catching up

Work, work work. I feel the weight of a lot of it right now. Here’s what I plan to do about the stress and anxiety I’m experiencing.
1) Exercise. I need more. For my bones (recently found out they’re seriously weak – yech) and for my mental state.

2) Respond to emails as I read them. My replies may be short. And I may not read emails right away. But, to avoid doubling my work, I will, as much as possible, respond to emails as soon as I read them. An empty inbox (or at least, less full) will ease my mind.

3) Little by little. Day by day. Get some work done each day. Carve out time and do it.

4) Seize moments. Related to above. I’m catching up at work, and determined to stay caught up. I can squeeze in 15 – 30 minutes per day to work on something. Just have to figure out what. Will it be blogging, to get it done? Or the journal article I want to work on? Or course work? We will see. Oh, and exercise. YES 🙂 it will all fit.

5) Deep breathing. And prayer. And talking with friends. All good and important.

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