Note: written just after midnight. Once again, I fell asleep with baby and didn’t wake up for a while.
There are lots of fun games to play with a little baby. Here are some we’ve played recently.

Pull-apart-the-foamies. We have a row of foam around our bed for a bit of protection if baby falls. She’s removed the edges which we fit together, like a long foam sword. Then she rips them apart. We re-fit. Repeat.

I continue to attempt to brush her teeth. The latest strategy involves using a cloth and finger brushing. She actually lets me! And then she bites. Hard. Little tooth indents and a throbbing pain in my finger.

Run-away!! It’s time to go, so I chase her and repeatedly go and get her for each stage of the outside-dressing process.

Mama/dada said no. There are a few things in the house that are accessible but we don’t want her to touch. Touching them is great! Baiting mama or dada by standing nearby and looking mischievous is awesome too. Pretending to touch them and then running away is also fun. And doing this a few times in a row – why not?

Food art. After chewing up a piece of food, just open up your mouth and let it drop all over. That’s it! Nice pattern!

Kiss please. When kissing everyone good-bye, make sure you ask mom and dad to kiss. Many times. You like it when your parents kiss! We’ll remind you about this later on in life.

Once again, I’m grateful to have someone else to parent with. And the kissing thing – she literally points to one of us and then the other until we kiss – inspires me and breaks my heart. Kids do notice our relationships and what is going on in their families. When we lie in bed, baby goes through all our names: mama, dada, a’ya. And she points to our different places in the bed. She gets it. We’re her family. Or when we’re hugging and she comes in for a group hug.

Babies. The best.

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