Looking Insane

Yesterday at work was busy as usual. I was working on files and printing in the room across the hallway. The printer room, with the temperamental printer, is shared with another busy unit.
I went in to pick up my print job and saw a man standing in front of the shredder holding a few papers. I’ve seen him around (multiple times each day) and he’s always smiling and dapper. At this moment he was looking concerned as he handled the papers drooping towards the shredder.

I went to check for my print job – not there. He smiled and handed me a few of the papers he had in his hand. I looked at them and since they seemed to be headed for the shredder, popped them in and listened to them go. Then noticed that I was shredding blank sheets.

I stood there in silence, looking at them in dismay. Wasted trees! He commented, sounding puzzled and slightly upset, “Those were blank sheets!” I was silent for another moment, tiredly dwelling on the ridiculousness of shredding blank paper.

“Yes, I know,” I eventually answered. “I thought they were for shredding.”

He looked at me, then looked away. And left the room. Wondering, I have no doubt, who this strange woman was who shredding blank paper and didn’t respond to direct conversation.

Yet I am left wondering: Why on earth did he think I needed two sheets of legal-sized blank paper???

Woke up laughing about it this morning. Laughter = peace. I’ve met my blogging goal for the day :).

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