Starting some time in December I’ve been feeling a new energy around connecting with people and making friends. I definitely noticed it in Victoria, where people simply were friendlier and I had numerous conversations with strangers. But now back home, it’s continuing. I’m reaching out a lot more than before: emails, calling, or simply saying hello to someone across the campus instead of walking by. I’m feeling more comfortable with people. I want to initiate getting together with others. And more opportunities to do this are coming my way.
This rise in connecting with others also coincides with saying my obligatory prayer. I know I’m feeling other positive energy from that – the comfort of knowing I’m fulfilling my obligations, the empowerment that comes from an official daily connection with the source.

So, to old friends and new, I look forward to more communication, time together and deeper ties in the new year.

Baby is sleeping right now so I’m going to follow up on a promise to an old friend yesterday to do something fun each day. Yesterday was shopping – specifically trying on some fun tops along with the essential clothing. Today: read another short story from my book instead of all the chorey chores that call out for doing. And then decluttering, because that’s ALWAYS fun!

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