Dwelling on the Positive

Not sure why I like to spin the negatives into a story. It’s my default. It’s easy and generally amusing. Today, however, let’s dwell on the positives.

  • Happy wake-up with baby
  • Feeling rested most of the day
  • Discovering the joys of listening to music while working (grooveshark.com) – it could be distracting but instead improves motivation and focus!
  • Took care of somewhat challenging casework early instead of procrastinating.
  • Time to walk up and down the stairs a few times on my way to run errands.
  • Email inbox: looking pretty empty!
  • Husband picked up baby after work so I had time to shop! 3 new bras. No success with the winter coat (looking for a mid-thigh wool in maybe a red, blue or grey? blue-red, not orangey) but I’ll keep trying.
  • Happy evening with baby: came home to her in the bath, and had lots of fun playing talking time after that
  • house cleany cleany cleany – it’s looking good!
  • Progress made on my paper. I’m working through a book and it’s keeping me going.
  • I have a great family, health and a home.
  • Warm spring-like weather today! Transported me to Mississippi which is always great.
  • Friendly co-workers
  • Done work for the week. Yay!

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