Drumming and Learning

More drumming tonight. Working on 3 rhythms: yambu, guaguanco and vudo. I like them all. My brain and body are steadily remembering the beats from the past.
And sometimes, not remembering them very well. There were a couple of rhythms tonight that I just couldn’t get. At all. Drum teacher had to stop us to correct me a few times.

And, I wasn’t disturbed at all. My confidence wasn’t shaken. I didn’t question my presence in the group. My emotions were mainly enthusiasm. Thoughts were: I know this, I”m just out of practice. I’ll just work on it a bit at home and get back in the flow next week.

Being in a learning mode is great. For me with drumming tonight it came from doing something I’m confident at, being in a supportive and low-stakes environment, and engaging in this activity in order to get better, not to be perfect now.

Being in a learning mode in a relationship for me means being excited by growth, accepting conflict or disagreement when it arises and actually embracing it as a source of growth, and being excited about the future as the relationship grows.

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