Baby Time and Learning

Baby continues to amaze and delight us day by day. Today’s highlights:
Toddling around doing her work so diligently. Carrying armloads of paper clips (the big safe kind :)) from basket to chair and back.  Hanging the laundry. Moving things. Carting things. On and on.

Working on dressing herself. She got two legs into her pants this morning! Into the same leg hole, sure, but way to go baby! She’s working on pants, socks and hats mainly. I help with shirts.

Talking to herself in the mirror: “yaya, yaya!” (her version of her name; also “A’ya!”)

Walk with ducks and birds and leaves. BOY she loves nature, observing, playing outdoors! I’m trying to do as much as I can with her. Though after 5 minutes of trying to carry a bundled-up heavy baby between beach and water to throw in handfuls of sand – with an up and down each way – I was ready to move onto the next activity.

Recognizing words. I was blown away tonight when she opened a book and was able to point out 6 or 7 different things I named on the page. I cannot believe how much she understands.

Right before bed when I got to the bedroom: enthusiastically making the milk sign with BOTH hands!!

Watching her grown, learn and become her own person is a neverending source of delight for me and my husband. We are so grateful for her in our lives.

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