I’ve definitely been on vacation – I haven’t been paying much attention at all to the day of the week or how much longer I have off. However, it’s been brought to my attention that return to work is fast approaching. As of tomorrow I have 2 more days of vacation left in this long and lovely winter break.
Cue recurring theme: how to enjoy the time and be in the moment while also feeling pressure to get a bunch of things done.

Today I started things off by forgetting the lesson of yesterday: focus on my daughter first, chores second. I was eager to continue work on my photobox transfer/purge, with the result of baby fussiness. I switched gears and she calmed down. Nonetheless, I managed to cram in a grocery shop, load of laundry and lots of kitchen work. Along with the “being in the moment” activities of praying, catching up on my prayers, lying in bed reading while she napped, and napping while she napped. Pretty good!

Tonight husband got home around 5:30 after work; we got Indian take-out (VERY good! Also very late b/c they lost our order); baby went to bed by 7 something; we watched some episodes of Community; and we talked while I finished the photo project (yayness!!!).

Tomorrow husband’s working again. I want to enjoy time with my girl. I also want to bake pumpkin spice cookies. And put away a bunch of stuff (trying to clear off a shelf in the living room). And pick outfits for next week. And do some writing. Also must try out the new double pump and make sure I know how it works. And pack up for baby’s first day back at nana’s house.

And, absolutely essential, truly enjoy these last couple of days of TIME with my girl. I think I’m learning that the way to do this is to take the first bits of available time to do the being-ness. And to recognize, which I have been, that just because some arbitrary deadline is approaching (the start of work; the start of vacation; anything new or changed) doesn’t mean that I need to wrap up every loose end in my life. Prioritize and relax.

Peace, peace, peace. Still looking for it, and finding it here and there.

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