Relationships First

Today was much more enjoyable than yesterday. I think it’s because I decided to put relationships first, over getting things done. Sort of. Mainly my relationship with my daughter, for much of the day. In general.
what I mean is: today I saw that when I put energy into focusing on my daughter and having the right (positive, learning-focused, encouraging, nurturing) interactions with her, things went better. I enjoyed things more. I had more energy. She was happier. Time flew by instead of crawling, as I was afraid it would. Breakfast went well: I made cereal and she ate it, and when she threw her spoon repeatedly it was actually hilarious.

Then we went on two walks, the first mainly to put her to sleep, the second to play in a park. And we played with the ducks and watched animals and walked and swung around in these swingy things.

Also good today: wallet found! It was dropped in the night drop slot at the credit union. Minus the cash :). I am greatly amused at the moral reasoning that went into that decision, but appreciative nonetheless.

Another bonus: thanks to my mom’s visit today I was able to finally make the ginger cookies I’ve been trying to make since early December. Yum!

Plus did a tiny wee bit of purging and got rid of a small stack of old daybooks.

So, though today was nap minimal, it gets two thumbs up.

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